The Muffler Man Does It Better

Muffler Problem? We Can Fix It!

Car, Truck and RV Muffler Repair When it comes to muffler and exhaust work, not everybody can do as nice a job on exhaust systems as we do here at the Muffler Man in Daytona Beach. We have been providing top quality exhaust and muffler repairs for almost 51 years. We wouldn't still be in the exhaust and muffler business if we weren't doing a great job.

Yet replacing mufflers and fixing leaky exhaust pipes are not all that we do. We also design and build complete custom exhaust systems for all manner of vehicles-- including all trucks and RVs. In addition to our complete line of muffler and exhaust services, we provide repair and replacement for truck and RV generators. Not to mention that we also do oil changes featuring the 25,000 mile oil change with Amsoil.

Plus we stand behind all of our exhaust, muffler, and generator service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Of course a muffler and exhaust system guarantee is only as good as the shop that gives it, and our lengthy record of service to Daytona Beach area customers proves that our exhaust and muffler guarantee is one that is actually worth having.

Exhaust System Specialists of Daytona Beach

The choice is simple when it comes to muffler service and exhaust repair. You can give your exhaust system business to a local Daytona Beach company, or you can ship your dollars off to some corporate headquarters half a continent away. While their muffler shops are always "under new management", our exhaust and muffler shop is still going strong without any need to roll heads when the corporate quota for upselling un-needed muffler and exhaust system repairs isn't met.